Safe Handling of High Pressure Gas or Liquid

The Heat Transfer Line is designed to enable the safe handling of high pressured gas or liquid by protecting against temperature extremes, gas-liquid separation, obstructions, and hydrates.


    • High flexibility
    • Easy to use
    • Safe handling of high pressured gas or liquid
    • Heating allows the flow of thick fluids
    • Protect against internal and external freezing of line
    • Avoid gas-liquid separation due to temperature changes
    • Avoid the formation of hydrates or obstructions


    • Maintenance Temperature: 150°F, 275°F or 300°F
    • Length: Custom length up to 6 feet maximum
    • Diameter: 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch
    • Power: 110/120VAC or 220/240VAC
    • Tubing: Stainless steel/Sulfinert
    • Power Adapter/Electrical Plug: Optional installation available

Part Numbers:

    • HTL-300-120-length
    • HTL-250-120-length
    • HTL-150-120-length
    • HTL-300-240-length
    • HTL-250-240-length
    • HTL-150-240-length

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