Gas Handling & Ancillary Equipment

DCG provides an extensive group of Ancillary equipment to support customers.

These items represent viable and time-saving options for our customers to have one vendor for their cylinder and cylinder accessory needs.  We build packages for our customers to supply them all they need to utilize the cylinder reference materials in their laboratories. We can also provide empty cylinders to our customers upon request.


DCG has a vast array of cylinders. We utilize Low-Pressure and High-Pressure Cylinders in Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon Steel. In addition, we have Welker Constant Pressure Cylinders with Viton and Kalrez seals of various sizes including 300cc, 500cc, and 1000cc. (Carrying cases for constant pressure cylinders are available)

1 AL (1 Liter Aluminum) with aluminum CGA 180 Valve, 3.2″x12″, 4 pounds

      • DOT-3AL1800
      • 1800 psi / 124 bar service pressure

AL 30: 7.25″x21″, 20 pounds

      • DOT-3AL2216
      • 2216 psi / 153 bar service pressure

AI 80: 7.25″x40″, 40 pounds

      • DOT-3AL2216
      • 2216 psi / 153 bar service pressure

AI 150: 8″x53″, 60 pounds

      • DOT-3AL2015
      • 2015 psi / 139 bar service pressure

Size 200: 9″x56″, 120 pounds

      • DOT-3AA2015
      • 2105 psi / 139 bar service pressure

Size 300: 9.25″x60″, 135 pounds

      • DOT-3AA2400
      • 2400 psi / 165 bar service pressure

1 L (1 Liter Low Pressure Cylinder) with Brass CGA 170 Valve, 3″x12″, 2 pounds

      • DOT 4B-240ET
      • 240 psi / 16.5 bar

LP 2.5: 8″x18″, 20 pounds

      • DOT-4BA240
      • 240 psi / 16.5 bar

LP 5: 12″x18″, 20 pounds

      • DOT-4B240
      • 240 psi / 16.5 bar

LP 143: 12″x46″, 50 pounds

      • DOT-4BW260
      • 4BA240 / 260

LP 239: 15″X48″, 75 POUNDS

      • DOT-4BW240
      • 240 psi / 16.5 bar

Designed for use in applications where multi-component hydrocarbon reference materials can change composition during storage and use due to preferential vaporization of lighter weight, volatile hydrocarbon components, and dissolved inert gases.  To minimize these changes, it is extremely important to carefully select cylinder types, cylinder volume, and which inert gas is used to pressure the cylinder. These factors must be considered in order to ensure that composition changes are minimized so as to maintain the integrity of reference materials to be used as Quality Control Reference Materials for various analytical test methods.

Constant pressure cylinders are composed of two chambers separated by a leak tight piston. The first chamber, the pre-charge side, is for the pressure pad. The second is the product side which holds the reference material. Even though the reference material is in a leak tight cylinder, it is imperative that the cylinder have a mixing device so the mixture will not stratify. By properly mixing the reference material prior to injection and maintaining a proper pressure pad, this will ensure the sample will remain homogenous and be replicative of the product stream.

    • 300cc Constant Pressure Cylinder
    • 500cc Constant Pressure Cylinder
    • 1000cc Constant Pressure Cylinder
    • Carrying Case for Constant Pressure Cylinders

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