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Our services revolve around our core objectives of providing quality products with unparalleled technical support and precise analysis while leading the industry in research and development from an innovative and continuous improvement perspective.

Talented and highly educated team members combine experience with state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation to provide our customers with reference materials and certified reference materials in all ranges required by ISO, UOP, ASTM, API, AGA and GPA while meeting or exceeding the stringent requirements for blending and analysis under ISO 17034 and ISO 17025.

DCG Chemists use industry established analytical techniques to characterize the reference materials, to ensure the scientific integrity of the data contained in the Certificates of Concentration of Analytes. Other offerings include a full spectrum of custom solutions.

Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs)

Gain Confidence in Analytical Results. DCG provides Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs) to assist customers with objectively quantifying their laboratory’s performance both internally and to other participating laboratories in the industry.  To meet the demand for improved analytical results, DCG has designed and implemented a rigorous Analytical Performance Testing Program to verify the analytical performance of client laboratory instruments and on-line analyzers. DCG ships gravimetrically and analytically verified “blind” samples to the customer on a quarterly or semiannual basis for analysis. The Certificate of Concentration of Analytes for all samples and all statistically prepared performance data are provided to the customer’s appointed designee to assure confidentiality. This program will enhance laboratory credibility and ensure optimum quality assurance. Testing programs can be customized to meet the customers quality, regulatory and analytical verification needs.

Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Study Programs

Evaluate the Quality and Accuracy of results from your laboratory. DCG Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Study Programs are designed to allow customers to validate the quality of the measurements across their network of laboratories driving consistent results in all locations.  These programs play an important role in analytical chemistry to assure the quality of measurements. In these studies, DCG provides a group of laboratories aliquots from a homogeneous reference material for analysis.  The material is generally a certified reference material, analyzed by methods meeting ISO 17025 and blended by ISO 17034 guidelines and shipped blind to all participating laboratories.  After the laboratories analyze the samples, the results are submitted to DCG for consolidation and analysis. DCG will issue a final report to the customer and meet to discuss the results and create an action plan as needed.

Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Studies are used to validate the quality measurements of laboratory analysts within a laboratory.

Specialized Analytical Services

Do you need external analytical expertise? DCG’s Specialized Analytical Services are provided to customers desiring external analytical expertise. With the analytical capabilities and expertise at DCG, customers often choose to employ Specialty Analytical Services for analyses. Customers utilize this service to supplement customer analytical capabilities and for third party validation. Many customers have found that it is a substantial cost savings to contract DCG to perform all of their analytical services rather than staffing and maintaining their own laboratory or for analyses that are not frequently needed. Prior to any work being done, DCG chemists and technical team meet with the customers, determine the methods that are required to meet the requirements and develop a reporting system for the analytical results. DCG has the capability to analyze samples with accuracy and precision following internationally recognized methodologies and to report the results as specified by the customer.

These services include:

    • Identification of unknown compounds in the stream that could be causing issues
    • Developing “custom calibration” standards based upon the characterized sample
    • Providing Analyses to customers desiring avoidance of costly capital expenditures
        • Perform Quality Control
        • Standard Method Analysis
        • Custom Method Development and Analysis
    • Act as a third party “tie breaker” in disputes between companies to ensure correct and valid analysis is carried out and accurate reporting is provided
    • Confirmation Analysis

Advanced School of Chromatography

DCG’s Advanced School of Chromatography is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate level chromatographers and is a customized solution to meet the unique needs of every learner. The course offers a hands-on learning experience with a practical, “working situation” approach to GC instruction. Students will be trained in the laboratory by expert analytical Chemists. No prior GC experience is required.

The course includes:

    • Chromatography Theory
    • Instrument “hands on” Time
    • Instrument Troubleshooting Training
    • Customer Specific Training Topics and Needs

Quality Support

Custom services to provide enhancement for Customer Quality Management Programs.

    • Competency Records
    • Training Records
    • Develop calibration and verification frequency schedules
    • Customer Specific Requests

Customer Supplied Materials Ampulization

Solutions for optimized storage and use for customers’ supplied products. Customers supply DCG with liquid products for ampulization to minimize the variability and maximize the integrity of the items. Generally these materials are used in performance verification of analytical instruments and analytical test methods. This service provides the highest degree of confidence in the consistency and stability of the ampulized product.

Technical Support

Every DCG Customer has access to the DCG Technical Team. Our DCG Technical Team provides customers with assistance when questions arise regarding reference materials selection and utilization, instrumentation issues, certification and accreditation assistance and method guidance. Our goal is the successful customer application of reference materials and improving quality systems leading to the enhancement of our partnerships.

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Specialized Analytical Services

DCG Analytic Edge™

Staying true to our quality roots we are an accredited laboratory with more than 60+ methods on our scope for both ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 reference materials. All reference materials are analytically verified prior to shipping.