About DCG

Quality. Precision. Traceability.

In 1988, DCG Partnership 1, LTD. (DCG) was created to meet the needs of the petroleum, petrochemical, hydrocarbon,  biodiesel, and natural gas industries for a Reference Material Manufacturer that listened to customers’ needs and had the ability to produce a quality product that was affordable and delivered on time. We have been fortunate to continue to prosper and grow even in the most difficult economic times in Houston. We pride ourselves on being a Premier provider of Certified Reference Materials and Integrated Services to our customers around the globe.

Staying true to our quality roots we are an accredited laboratory with more than 60+ methods on our scope for both ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 reference materials. All reference materials are analytically verified prior to shipping.

Elevate your standards and partner with us today.

Premier global manufacturer of certified reference materials and analytical results.






DCG Partnership is proud to have an international reputation synonymous with quality, precision, traceability, with first-class customer service and technical support. Applying a combination of innovative and technologically advanced, manufacturing and analyzing methodologies has enabled our team to produce Premier Quality reference materials with unmatched accuracy and with very low levels of uncertainty of measurement at a reasonable price available in the market today. Below are the areas we serve.


Keeping the Phase

Heated Products

As part of our portfolio of products and services, we are a Custom Manufacturer and Distributor of Heated Products (Patent Pending).

Examples include:
Cylinder Heat Blankets, Customized Heated Products, Heated Transfer Lines, and Crude Assay Solutions as well as bench top controllers that can handle multiple cylinders at different temperatures simultaneously (patent pending). Our products are utilized in both laboratory and field environments (including in extreme weather conditions).


Designed for Efficiency

What Can DCG Design For You?

DCG is able to design any type of heated product that a customer may need. We have been in many unique projects including Crude Assay Wall to heat all the different sized bottles with heated trace lines between each bottle as well as unique laboratory locations that require proper planning with our Director of Heated Products Division.

DCG is also a distributor of Heated Trace Tubing, Regulators, Switchover Manifolds, High- Pressure and Low-Pressure Steel and Aluminum Cylinders and Constant Pressure Cylinders.


Elevate Your Standards

While our core business is still reference materials (both liquid and gas phase), over the years our business has diversified from being just a reference material manufacturer to offering our customers more of an “Integrated Services” approach to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer Specialized Analytical Services, Interlaboratory and Intralaboratory Studies (ILSs) and Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs), Consulting Services, Heated Products, Technical Support Services, and DCG’s Advanced School of Chromatography.

DCG is also a distributor for Gas Regulators and Manifolds and Low Pressure, High Pressure (Aluminum and Steel) and Constant Pressure Cylinders.

We continue to focus our efforts on the development of high quality products designed to meet the needs of our valued customers. Elevate your standards when you choose to partner with us. For complete product and service offering information or to talk to a professional, please contact us.


Our Team

DCG has assembled an experienced and versatile team of technical and highly skilled personnel. We are members of multiple industry groups including ASTM, API, GPA, and ISO. Our team has in-depth knowledge of many areas of the hydrocarbon, natural gas, chemical, oil and gas and energy industries. We pride ourselves on participating in or chairing many committees for ASTM and for providing technical support for method development and modification.

Although we are not a large company, we have the entrepreneurial spirit and resources to provide the services necessary to meet the unique needs of our customers in the United States and around the world.

The Core Values of DCG Partnership I, LTD. are:

  • Unwavering Ethics – DCG Team Members perform with transparency and integrity in all aspects of their jobs and hold themselves and one another accountable for these actions.
  • Safety – DCG Team Members prioritize the safety of our team members, customers and the public while following all regulations to protect the environment.
  • Quality – DCG Team Members deliver quality products and services utilizing best metrological practices ensuring traceability, reducing deviations, eliminating unplanned events, and mitigating risks.
  • Customer Focus – DCG Team Members are customer centric; we value openness, service, flexibility, and innovation to deliver superior products and services to the customer.
  • Teamwork – DCG Team Members value teamwork with each other, customers, strategic partners, and the community while exhibiting Servant Leadership, flexibility, and collaboration in all our interactions.
  • Innovative – DCG Team Members are “outside of the box” thinkers utilizing a solution oriented and forward-thinking mindset while taking ownership of our behaviors and work products.
  • People Oriented – DCG Team Members strive to develop not only themselves but also assist our customers in their team development, promoting continuous learning, providing mentoring, and seeking growth both personally and professionally.