Gas Handling & Ancillary Equipment

DCG Partnership strives to offer our customers with single source for gases, gas handling equipment and accessories. We have a wide variety of valves, regulators, switchover manifolds, heated products, and accessories.


The Compressed Gas Association has selected and standardized the valve outlet to be used on each gas cylinder. These reference materials contained in the document CGA Reference Material V-1, Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections, have been adopted to prevent inadvertent mixing of gases. Different CGA connections are required depending upon the properties of the gas. Brass is for non-reactive gases and Stainless Steel is for reactive gases.

    • CGA 170 nut, nipple, and washer
    • CGA 350 nut and nipple
    • CGA 510 nut and nipple
    • CGA 580 nut and nipple
    • CGA 590 nut and nipple
    • CGA 180 nut, nipple, and washer
    • CGA 330 nut, nipple, and washer
    • CGA 510 nut and nipple
    • CGA 660 nut, nipple, and washer
    • CGA 705 nut, nipple, and washer
    • CGA 170 Washer
    • CGA 180 Washer
    • CGA 330 washer
    • CGA 660 washer
    • CGA 705 washer
    • Brass 1/4″ flare to 1/8″ compression fitting to connect to the side pressurizing feature on the valve to maintain a proper pressure pad.


Available for constant pressure cylinders.

Pressure regulator gauges include:

  • Brass, brass-plated stainless steel, stainless steel gauges available.
  • 2″ in diameter with pressure ranges from 0-30 PSIG/100-1-200 kPa up to 0-6000 PSIG/0-40,000 kPa
  • Special 500 series gauges available with 1/4″ MPT bottom mount and are cleaned for oxygen service per ASME B40.1

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