DCG Partnership Custom Reference Materials and Specialty Mixes

Custom reference materials and specialty gas solutions are gravimetrically prepared via ISO 17034 manufacturing practices and analyzed on state-of-the-art instrumentation with analytical techniques applied specifically for the properties of the material.

Feedstocks are procured with tight specifications and verified by both documentation and analysis. Detailed impurities are quantified and used by the blending chemists to calculate gravimetric blends.

Gravimetric blends are prepared and analyzed versus quality control specifications based on each individual mixture. Each step of the DCG manufacturing process contains proprietary techniques refined during our 30+ years’ experience of reference material and specialty gas manufacturing and analysis.

DCG manufactures many gas and liquid phase reference materials and specialty mixes to meet specific needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with our customers to create unique, practical solutions that fit customers’ needs.

Our technical team consists of various analytical backgrounds and partners with customers to:

  • Define the need
  • Scope the project
  • Research and propose possible solutions
  • Select the best solution
  • Create the reference material
  • Analyze the reference material
  • Verify our internal results
  • Validating the “fit for purpose” with the customer

It is our Mission to ensure the quality, accuracy and precision of the calibration and verification reference materials utilized by our customers at an affordable price. Responding to the needs of our customers to have superior quality and affordable reference materials, DCG has created bundled packages to reduce the overall cost. It is our goal to support our customers’ needs and meet the growing demand for accurate results at reduced levels of quantitation.

Contact our Customer Service Team and they will assist you with building a program to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Specialized Analytical Services