Yvonne Diersche is maximizing the life of calibration standards by developing customized heat products.

Yvonne is a Professional Engineer (PE-licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers) in Electrical Engineering with 28 years of industry experience.  She has been responsible for running DCG’s Heated Products Division for 15 years.  She assists our customers in maximizing the life of their calibration standards by developing customized heat products including; cylinder heat blankets, constant pressure cylinders heat boxes, and heat transfer lines.  She also recently worked on a development project to build individual heated blankets for a customer’s” Crude Assay” wall in a TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) laboratory. Yvonne and her team are ready to assist you and your team to meet your unique needs.

In addition, her expertise also allows her to repair and test analytical and production electrical instrumentation in our laboratories supporting our production and analytical chemists to keep things running to specifications.

Yvonne’s background is a plus to our 32-year history as we offer only the highest quality products and customer service. She understands DCG’s commitment to its customers, and she goes the extra mile to make sure there is complete satisfaction with every product ordered.

If you have any questions on our heated product line or would like to speak with Yvonne, please contact us at Customer Service 281-648-1894. We will be happy to assist you.