Alejandro Gonzalez is DCG’s Director of Research and brings all of his experience and innovation to work each day.

Alejandro Gonzalez was born and raised in Venezuela. His parents recognized his early potential and were able to send him to the University of Central Venezuela where his thesis on developing a method for taking and preserving samples for the analysis of Sulfur species in Natural Gas replaced some traditional GPA (Gas Processors Association) methods. It is still used today with the name SULFTRAP (Patent No. US 5109713. Dec., 1993).

After he graduated, Alejandro went to work for PDVSA Intevep taking samples and analyzing Sulfur and Hydrocarbon content for the characterization of Natural Gas in new oil and gas wells.

His work again helped his company convert from GPA2261 Backflush to GPA2286 Natural Gas Extended Analysis. While working on a special project, Alejandro and two colleagues developed a method to quantify the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide present in asphalt, transformer oil, Orimulsion, lubricants, residual fuel oil and other viscous petroleum substances.

Alejandro installed this method in the Shell Westhollow research facility in Houston , TX in 1995 for testing by experts for ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). It became a standard method for the industry in 1996 (ASTM D6021-96). As part of the same work, Alejandro designed an apparatus and an instrument for taking, preserving and processing this kind of sample, which resulted in two more US patents: US Patent No. 5390551 (Feb 21, 1995) and US Patent No. 5379654 (Jan. 10, 1995).

Today, Alejandro is DCG’s Director of Research and brings all of his experience and innovation to work each day.  He is very active in ASTM International. He sits on the D02 and D16 committees for ASTM International  and is Membership Secretary for the D02.D.05 subcommittee.  He is working on an Interlaboratory Study (ILS) with other members of  the committees on ASTM Method for D7994 for D02.H and preparing for D2712 for D02.D.

Alejandro works on both the research and production sides of DCG’s business.  He actively mentors the new analytical chemists and collaborates with others in the lab to ensure the highest level of analytical analysis in the industry.  He also leads the team of chemists involved in DCG’s Advanced School of Chromatography.  This is a hands-on learning experience with a practical, “working situation” approach to GC instruction. Students will be trained in our laboratory by our own expert Analytical Chemists. No prior GC experience is required. The school is designed for beginner and intermediate level chromatographers.

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